My Tryst With Things & Return to TaskPaper

My Tryst with Things1 — while torrid and passionate — quickly came to an inevitable end. Seems as though there's no love like the first and therefore I find myself back in the warm and comforting embrace of TaskPaper. Confused? Let me elucidate you then...

MailMate Bundle for TaskPaper

If you receive a high volume of email — or consider yourself an email power user — and are unfamiliar with MailMate, then I highly suggest you take a look at it. MailMate won't win any beauty pageants, but what it lacks in sexy good looks, it makes up for in spades, with power, speed and versatility.

Command Bundles, one of it's many powerful and still undocumented features, allow you to send emails to a barrage of apps such as OmniFocus, Things, 2Do, Evernote, Fantastical and BusyCal to name just a few. I decided to add one more to that ever growing list... TaskPaper.

Launch Center Pro for iPad

We've all been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Heck, some (me included) didn't even wait, opting instead to use the iPhone version. But now it's here! It's finally here! Launch Center Pro for iPad. It'll cost you $4.99, but so worth it. I'd ...

PushPin: The King is Back

It seems as though not too long ago, my search (or rather quest) for the ultimate Pinboard client on iOS came to a conclusion, in which I wholeheartedly declared PushPin as king. In my review for AppStorm, I boldly stated:

If you were to ask me wether I’d recommend Pushpin, the answer would be a big, resounding yes! The bottom line is – if you only buy one Pinboard client for iOS, then I’d recommend Pushpin.

Since then, Pinswift made it's debut on the AppStore. For a moment, it seemed as though it's lightning fast speed and full text search1 would dethrone Pushpin... Just for a moment though.

Pinboard tags with Pinswift, TextTool and Drafts

I'm a huge fan of Pinboard. It's speed, versatility and API are surpassed by few other services like it's kind. In fact, it's Pinboard's API that allows for a barrage of great apps to exist. One such app is Pinswift, on iOS. Phillip leverages Texttool ...

Update Launch Center Pro's [list] with your most used Pinboard tags

Once again, Phillip puts Launch Center Pro and Pythonista to good use. This time, creating a workflow that will auto-update your most used tags, allowing you to easily view them in Pinswift, Pushpin or Pincase.

However, once in a while you must review and manually update your LCP's lists ...

New Beginnings

I'm far from the most prolific blogger, yet somehow I've never been able to escape the desire of having a blog I could call my own. While Tumblr and similar "free" platforms are a great starting point, to me they feel like just that — a starting point. I feel as though there should be a natural progression to something more.

Something New Is Coming Your Way

That's right, something new is coming your way, and real soon too. It's been a long time in the making (read that as: I've been tinkering on and off), but this site's redesign is almost ready to go live. There will surely be bugs — that I can guarantee (especially on mobile), but I'll squash them as they arise.

Time Zones Are No Match for Launch Center Pro

120! That's the number of apps I currently have installed on my iPhone (after culling quite a few). To some, that may seem like an inordinate amount. To others, e mere drop in the ocean of apps. Personally, I feel it's a tad much and have been trying — for some time now — to consolidate both apps and workflows as much as possible in order to bring that number further down.

Released: Markdown for Keyboard Maestro 2.1.2


Andreas Just keeps improving Markdown for Keyboard Maestro. If you do any sort of Markdown writing then you owe it to yourself to check this out. If you perchance don't own Keyboard Maestro... Then you OWE it to yourself to get ...