Recursive Actions with Launch Center Pro & Pythonista

There's no shortage of great examples about using Drafts and recursive actions to accomplish a myriad of tasks. While incredibly useful, creating and understanding these workflows can be a daunting task given the complexities of x-callback-url, url-encoding and nesting (Phillip does a great job explaining it though).

There's another downside often overlooked – the constant hopping back and forth between apps. Negligible on faster devices but a real pain on older ones. Fortunately, there's a quick fix for this, especially now that Launch Center Pro2 made its debut on the iPad.

Clear Free for 24 Hours

In case you missed it last time, now's your chance to get Clear free. For the next 24h, Realmac will be making one of its premiere apps freely available to any and all users. Read their letter to know a little more about the reasoning, or just go and get a great piece of software at an unbeatable price.

Actions & Evernote Make GTD Quick & Visual

If you're not new to my blog then you'll surely know that I've been a big fan of Actions ever since reviewing it. While it may not be for everybody, it's found a place in my workflow. Actions is the type of app that can easily ...

Compare text documents in your iPhone with Pythonista

Ok, I'm sure by now you're tired of me constantly sharing links from Phillips blog, especially if you're smart enough to already follow him closely. The thing is, the simple fact that he's constantly spewing out great and consistent content makes it kind of hard not ...

Drafts & This Week in Perfect Harmony with Recursive Actions

My good friend Phillip amazes me once more, leveraging URL schemes to bend apps to do his bidding. Along the way, he even manages to teach us a thing or two. I'd suggest you read this since it'll come in handy in a not too distant future1 ...

Realmac Doing Right by Their Users

I've quickly come to respect the fine folk at Realmac. Not only do they make top notch apps, but they're the kind of team that puts their users in first place. Last year, Clear received and upgrade. As would be expected — given the lack of upgrade pricing — they released the new version as a new app dubbed Clear+. They were even kind enough to do so at a discounted price, only to be met by uproar from the great majority of users.

New and Shiny — Not Always a Good Thing

I love technology. There's no point denying that unmistakable truth. There was a time, not too long ago, that I constantly craved the latest and greatest, be it hardware or software. All too often I would jump on the newest trend, almost always at the expense of my existing workflows and productivity. This tendency however, has slowly started to fade, giving way to something entirely different.

Python Weather Prediction with

Another ingenious little script by my friend Phillip Gruneich. Just goes to show that there are so many of life's little problems that can easily be solved with some python-fu and Pythonista.

Countless times I took my umbrella, sun shone all day long and it became a burden to ...

Ember: A Powerful Digital Scrapbook for Mac and iOS

I recently reviewed Ember for Lets Talk Tech. Apart from a few little quirks, I liked what I saw.

If you’re in the market for a top notch annotation tool, that allows you to capture and curate both on the go or from the comfort of your Mac, then ...

TaskPaper and Challenges

There's little I love more than being challenged by smart people to do smart things. There's something innate about said challenge that makes me strive to do more and better. At times, it can take the guise of a little itch I need to scratch and therefore, I'm challenging myself1, but other times, there's nothing subtle about a challenge.