With Every Ending, Comes a New Beginning

I bought my first Mac almost three years ago. At the time, AppStorm was a pivotal resource that helped me get off the ground. Unbiased and thorough reviews allowed me to not only discover new apps but also learn how to use them. I quickly came to respect both the writers and their opinions — and with good reason I may add.

Little did I know that chance would smile upon me a couple of years later. Matthew Maguay, the then Editor for Mac and Web Appstorm, made a call for new writers on app.net. Hesitantly I answered and soon after I published my first review. It was a challenging yet thrilling experience. Since then, I've written a total of 29 articles for Mac, iPad and iPhone AppStorm. I had a lot more in my queue, but unfortunately time was not on my side. The venerable AppStorm network is coming to an end!

On the one hand, this news saddened me profoundly. AppStorm allowed me to meet smart, talented and passionate people. Fellow writers that shared my joy (or rather addiction) of apps and my editors, Matthew Maguay and James Cull, to whom I owe so much. Their guidance has allowed me to improve as a writer. On the other hand, with every ending comes a new beginning and this gives me hope and some joy.

Now What

Time has always been a huge constraint for me (I know, nobody ever has enough time, yet they get stuff done nonetheless). Now that I don't have AppStorm to write for, I will have more time to pursue other creative outlets.

With regard to Envato, I will continue to produce tutorials for Tuts+. As always, I'll strive to present engaging and useful topics and as such, I'm always eager to have fresh new ideas, so please engage me with any any, or requests, on social networks.

With regard to this humble little blog... I've been redesigning (on and off) a fresh new look that will soon be powered by Kirby and hosted elsewhere (I'll write more about this when the time comes). While this tumblr blog will remain for archival and posterity, all old posts will be digitally remastered and moved to their new home when it's ready. I'll be using what I've learnt at AppStorm and will continue to do in-depth reviews of apps I deem worthwhile. I'll finally rework and improve some of my extensions and Alfred workflows and will hopefully be doing quite a few more posts on interesting workflows, both for Mac and iOS.

In summation, while AppStorm may be closing shop, I hopefully, will be expanding mine. I look forward to an exciting new year, one I'm sure will be rife with new endeavors and adventures. I cherish the fact that you'll be along for the ride and I'm thankful you are.