TaskPaper and Challenges

There's little I love more than being challenged by smart people to do smart things. There's something innate about said challenge that makes me strive to do more and better. At times, it can take the guise of a little itch I need to scratch and therefore, I'm challenging myself1, but other times, there's nothing subtle about a challenge.

I've written previously about my Tryst with Things and how I inevitably returned to TaskPaper. What I didn't mention however was part of the reasoning.

Apart from missing the power, flexibility and simplicity2 my plain text lists afforded me, a challenge from my good friend Phillip spurred me back into action. I'll let him tell you a little more about his challenge, but needless to say, that it made clear, what I once new to be true — TaskPaper is a powerful and capable tool and all I really need!

Unfortunately, mid-way through our work to solving Phillip's first challenge, we were greeted with news of TaskPaper's demise on iOS. This was a shocking blow and somewhat drained the desire to continue work on our little script. That was until a new challenge arose.

This time, the initiative came from someone I respect, admire and whose blog I follow closely, Gabe Weatherhead. I was blown away by the inclusion in his latest blog roll3, but more importantly, his challenge was all the fuel Phillip and I needed to continue our work.

So if you enjoy hacking away at Python, creating Alfred or Launchbar workflows, or just have some ideas or bugs to report, then head on over to our GitHub repository and help out. Finally, just for good measure, here's Phillips post detailing our current progress one last time.

  1. I know, this would somehow mean I include myself in the roster of smart people... Cheeky me huh? 

  2. Along with a few workflows and scripts I had whipped together in the past. 

  3. My good friend Phillip is in there too, and rightfully so if I do say so myself.