Something New Is Coming Your Way

That's right, something new is coming your way, and real soon too. It's been a long time in the making (read that as: I've been tinkering on and off), but this site's redesign is almost ready to go live. There will surely be bugs — that I can guarantee (especially on mobile), but I'll squash them as they arise.

What does this mean for you, my dear reader? Hopefully a better experience! The new design should lend to greater legibility:

I'll be moving away from Tumblr and will use Kirby instead, hosted on A Small Orange. Those that already subscribe to my RSS feed should be just fine (I don't expect that to break). Those of you who only follow me on Tumblr, I urge you to subscribe to my RSS feed too. If you prefer, I also have an ADN Broadcast channel setup that'll notify you of new posts.

Although this tumblr site will still be accessible via, I'll be moving all posts to the new site. will redirect there too, so all your bookmarks and links are safe, fear not.

There's plenty to say about the redesign (or rather tinkering) but I'll leave that for the inaugural post on the new site.

I look forward to seeing you all there once it's live. There will of course be Champagne and Caviar to celebrate1.

  1. Somebody, somewhere in the world will probably be having it, so it's not really a lie.