Rodeo — A Better Looking Feed Wrangler


When Google announced that it would be closing down Reader, I, like the vast majority of those that have come to rely on RSS was bewildered. After the initial surprised subsided, I relaxed for I was sure that alternative solutions would rise from Readers ashes much like a Fenix.

Initially I settled with Feedly, a fine and free (for now at least) service. For the most part, I’ve been satisfied with this solution however I couldn’t quite shrug off the feeling of Deja Vu. What would prevent Feedly, a free service from doing the same Google or Twitter did.

Therefore, I decided to pay for a service I rely so heavily on. Out of the many already available, Feed Wrangler has received raving reviews and is supported by my preferred apps.

It’s not very pretty to look at but fortunately solutions such as Rodeo remedy this.

Rodeo - A Feed Wrangler extension to improve the design & overall experience.