Realmac Doing Right by Their Users

I've quickly come to respect the fine folk at Realmac. Not only do they make top notch apps, but they're the kind of team that puts their users in first place. Last year, Clear received and upgrade. As would be expected — given the lack of upgrade pricing — they released the new version as a new app dubbed Clear+1. They were even kind enough to do so at a discounted price, only to be met by uproar from the great majority of users.

It would seem that many didn't feel Realmac deserved to get paid for all the work that went into the new version. At the time, Realmac decided to keep both versions in the App Store all in an effort to do the right thing. Now, once again, Realmac is showing their true colours by doing what they feel is best for their customers.

This confusion and uncertainty isn’t what we want you, our customers, to experience and we’re making an important change that makes things (if you’ll pardon the pun) clearer.

What are they talking about you may ask? Well, Clear+ is going by way of the Dodo and Clear will receive full iPad support. This time however, Realmac has taken steps to mitigate any possible uproar2 by making Clear free for 24 hours... twice!

Head on over to their site to read more and signup for a heads up when Clear goes free.

  1. Clear was then removed from the App Store as is customary in these situations. 

  2. Save for a few grumpy old farts that are never content with anything.