QuickCursor With Sublime Text and Keyboard Maestro

I never really took to QuickCursor when it was around. For some reason it just didn't click with me. Recently however, I've been having a change of heart, all due to a new feature in MailMate. The feature I'm referring to is a command bundle that allows me to compose an email in my text editor of choice, namely Sublime Text 3. I've been enjoying having the power and flexibility of ST3 at my beck and call so much so, that I finally felt the irresistible urge to adopt this workflow globally.

There are numerous examples for replicating QuickCursor's functionality with Keyboard Maestro and adapting them to use ST3 would've been no doubt a trivial task. I could've used any one of them — but then I'd have had no excuse to productively procrastinate a little.

The Macro

"Keyboard Maestro Macro"

As you can see, it's a rather simple macro, but there are a few things I'd like to point out:

  1. Rather than using the same temporary file in a fixed location (akin to what other macros do), I've opted to dynamically create temporary files, and by using -w (--wait) to open them, sublime will recall and return to the app that spawned the buffer. This allows me to edit multiple buffers from multiple apps and never loose a beat;
  2. By opening the temporary file with :10000000:10000000 I will have my cursor at the end of the file ready for inputing text1

You can get the macro here.

.. youtube:: VnpyWp7xCM8

  1. Unless the file has more than 10000000 lines and 1000000 columns.