On A More Personal Note

Today marks a new day, a day when I start an experiment. I say experiment because I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up, but what I can guarantee is that I will strive to do so.

I feel that I ended 2012 in the best possible way. I fell into a new creative pursuit, Writing. Truth be told, saying that I fell into a new pursuit is incorrect. Often I had made feeble attempts to start a blog, but it never stuck. Life somehow always got in the way. There was never enough time, or worst, I felt that I never had much worth writing about.

That’s bound to change though, and the only way it will is with time and practice. Reading so many great writers has inspired me to try and write more and better, if for nobody else then at least for myself.

The experiment therefore is to write every single day. Write something… anything. Write in Day One, on my blog, for AppStorm — It doesn’t matter so long as I write.

So just a warning… You may occasionally find something here that isn’t entirely related to tech, Mac or iOS, but of a more personal nature.