New Beginnings

I'm far from the most prolific blogger, yet somehow I've never been able to escape the desire of having a blog I could call my own. While Tumblr and similar "free" platforms are a great starting point, to me they feel like just that — a starting point. I feel as though there should be a natural progression to something more. Something I can infinitely tinker with. Something I pay for and don't have to constantly live in fear of it being abandoned or simply turned off.

So, after much consideration, I decided it was time to stop playing in the sandbox and get out there with the big boys. I purchased a domain from Hover, bought a Kirby license, paid for hosting on A Small Orange and got to tinkering. I already had some previous experience (albeit limited) coding PHP, so I was able to get things off to a good start and then I realized I was flying blind!

I was so eager to get out there with the big boys that I overlooked one minor aspect of my new site — it's design! "Crap!"- I thought. I didn't want to use a template, I wanted something a little more unique, a little more me. So I whipped out Sketch and got to drawing1.

Now I was armed with all I needed to get under way. Coding started once again, but progress was slow. This stuff is hard after all and there was much I didn't know (and still don't). Fortunately, I had good friends looking out for me and thanks to them, this redesign is now live.

Credit Where It's Due

I'm a firm believer of giving credit where it's due, so I couldn't in all good sense, finish this inaugural post without doing so.

Firstly, my thanks go to Matthew Guay, my editor at AppStorm and soon, Tuts+. If not for him I probably wouldn't have discovered Kirby. He was the one responsible for getting me hooked on this little CMS.

Secondly, to all those friends and family2 — both offline and online — whose advice and feedback steered me in the right direction (the one I feel is right at least), thanks!

Lastly and most importantly. A huge shoutout goes to my friend Phillip Gruneich. His coding kung-fu got me here. There are so many details, both large and small that had his touch. Truth be told, more than half the site's CSS has Phillip's hand in it. Thank you bud!

Technical Jargon

Now that I'm all teary eyed, let me change pace and let you in on a few details. This site will mainly consist of original content and links I find of interest. Each can distinctly be recognized, so fear not. You'll also notice that each post has a few sharing options just below the title — I urge you to make use of them if you find the content worthwhile and interesting.

The former site should still be accessible via Although all posts have been digitally remastered and added to the new site, I'll be keeping that Tumblr site around for archival purposes.

If all went well, the RSS feed should remain unchanged, but if you detect anything awry, do let me know (contacts are in the footer and about page). In the off change you prefer it, I also setup a ADN Broadcast channel that will simply notify you of any new posts. There shouldn't be enough to become a nuisance so subscribe at your leisure.

If there is enough interest, I'll also create separate Twitter and profiles just for site updates. I'd like to know you opinion on the so do reach out and make yourself heard. I look forward to hearing from you all, so please spread the word and get in touch.

  1. Needless to say that the final design is far from what I initially drew up. 

  2. You know who you are.