Menubar Apps

"Image of my menubar"

I love peeking over other people's shoulders and getting a glimpse of the apps and tools they use. Likewise, one of my preferred sections in tech podcasts is when they talk about their favourite apps or little gems that make their life and work easier, more efficient or simply more fun.

Somewhat spurred by Andreas' post, I decided it was about time I return the favour and let others peak over my shoulder. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your next favourite gem.

First and foremost, I like menubar apps, but that doesn't mean I like a cluttered menubar. That's where Bartender comes in. Not only does it allow me to relegate apps to a second menubar, but it also let's me completely hide icons such as the Notification Center or Spotlight.

Main Menubar

From left to right:

Bartender Menubar

Once again, from left to right:

Bartender allows me to easily arrange menubar icons, so I try and keep related apps together. You'll surely have noticed that utility apps are near the left whereas storage and sync apps are clustered together on the right. No real reason for this except maybe a small semblance of order.

There are a plethora of apps that often are in my menubar, but given I don't use them that often, I open them only when needed.