Editorial Workflows

If you’re a proud owner of an iPad (and haven’t been living under a rock), you’ve no doubt heard of Editorial, a Markdown Editor for the iPad. Having been built by the same mad genius behind Pythonista1, I had high hopes and expectations for it. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint and after only a short while I purged every other editor on my iPad (save for Drafts of course).

The key factor that makes Editorial so great is it’s workflows. I won’t go into detail here but rather point you to Frederico Viticci’s great and extensive review.

While not as elaborate as some of Frederico’s, I’ve taken a stab at making a workflow or two that speed up my writing on the iPad and thought I’d share them with you.

App Store Linker

This simple workflow takes the selected text and searches the app store for corresponding apps. It will then present you with a list of possible matches (list limit can be set within the workflow). Upon tapping on the desired list entry, you’ll be given the choice of inserting an inline or reference Markdown link (this portion of the workflow was blatantly stolen from Frederico).

All you need to do is install the workflow, then edit it and add your affiliate link.

Workflow in Action


Change Case

I do some writing (and screencasting) for Mactuts+ and there are specific guidelines we must adhere to when it comes to formatting out titles. While there are no shortages of workflows for changing the texts case, I was forced to developed one myself given that Editorial’s Title Case action doesn’t quite cut it.

This workflow uses a slightly modified version of titlecase.py. There is a field in the custom action for adding edge cases, words that should always be uppercase (ex. OS X)

Install here.

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