Editorial Workflow - Tags

When it comes to writing on the iPad, I’ve surrendered to Editorial. There’s simply no denying that it’s the writing app to beat - on just about any platform. Unfortunately, Editorial has yet to make it’s debut on the iPhone and therefore I was left craving something new (don’t get me wrong, I love and use Byword but I craved something new).

Thankfully my friend Phillip Gruneich turned me onto 1Writer a while back. I promptly bought it and started exploring, a little at first and a lot more now. One of it’s nicest features is the addition of tags (in the form of twitter like hashtags). It presents you with a list of every tag in every document. Tapping on a tag will show you a list of documents that contain that tag. now this is something I can get used too…

Now while 1Writer is a universal app and the iPad version is just as nice, it’s no Editorial. I wanted the best of both worlds - 1Writer hashtags and all of Editorials goodness. The solution… yep, you guessed it. A workflow.

While not yet perfect, it should prove as a nice starting point for the more code savvy Editorial gurus. Currently, the workflow will search every document in the current directory and present you with a list of every hashtag. Tapping on a tag will perform a global search with results presented in the browser preview. From there, I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.

I hope you find it as useful as I do.