ChronoSync Black Friday Sale

The need for good, solid backups has already been discussed to death, so I’ll spare you that sermon for now. I will however mention that I’m a strong proponent for a multi tiered backup system and a bootable clone is integral part of said system. For the longest time, Carbon Copy Cloner was charged with that job, but recently, it has given way to ChronoSync.

I’m a big fan of ChronoSync’s approach to backups and above all, its versatility. With just one app, I can have a multitude of backup types, schedules, syncs and so much more1. You can expect a few short tutorials (some time in the near future) on how best to leverage its power, but for now, why not take advantage of their Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sale and get **$10 off ChronoSync. The deal lasts from 11/27 till 12/01 so act fast.

  1. As in free updates forever! No user is left behind.