Alfred Spotlight Comments | Updated v1 and v2


Alfred is a great productivity app for Mac OS X which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. By itself it’s a great application but with the Powerpack the possibilities seem endless.

Extension Description

I’ve been looking of ways in which Hazel could help speed up some of my workflows and decided I would create a few rules to archive files based on Spotlight comments. I quickly realised that adding those comments was a tedious chore, one better left to Alfred. So enter Alfred Spotlight Comments (catchy name … huh).

With this handy little extension, you can select a bunch of files, trigger the extension (I’d recommend a hotkey assigned to it) and type in the comments you’d like to add. The extension allows for a default action when encountering existing spotlight comments, as well as interactive mode and parameter options (more on that later).

Installation and Setup

As with all extensions, installing is simply a matter of downloading the extension and double clicking or dragging onto Alfred’d extension panel.

Alfred v2 Workflow

This functionality is now available as a v2 workflow. Download and import. Don’t forget to assign you desired hotkey too.

As for setup, there isn’t much to it. Simply define what your desired default action should be when encountering existing comments.

Change property defaultOverwrite : "append" (line 15) accordingly. Possible options are append, replace and interactive.

Extension Usage

Triggering the extension and entering text without any of the following parameters will default the the behaviour discussed above, with the exception of delete of course.

There is no need to leave any space after the parameter but you can do so if you prefer (it will be stripped from the begging)


comments -a Expenses,Archive,2012

comments -r 2012, expense, report