Alfred and Marked = Beautiful Productivity


From their respective websites, Alfred and Marked state that:

Separately they are stellar applications that have changed the way I work. Together… Well, it’s a whole new ballgame!

The Itch

I keep a lot of notes and an assortment of other information in a folder that synchronizes with nvALT and Dropbox. Now while nvALT is a great application to create, search, synchronize and view notes, Marked has a few advantages such as TOC, export, word count and well let’s face it, it just makes the whole thing look beautiful!

The Cure

Alfred introduced Filters a while back and a little later on (v1.1) added the ability to to define custom actions for filters. In practical terms this means that it is now possible to create a Script Extension to act upon a Search Filter.

In my particular case, I created a new script to open a file in Marked and saved it.

I then created a Filter to search for text files, set the scope to the folder where they are stored and as an action choose the previously created script extension.

Update: If you store your files in a format other than .txt, then add it to the File Types list. (Thanks @nir_)

All that is left now is to call up Alfred, type the keyword I choose, part of the filename, content, spotlight comment and hit enter.


To make things a little easier, I’ve created the two extensions. All you need now is to import them into alfred and tweak as needed! Enjoy

Get them here


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