Time sensitive Dropbox Shared Links — There's a Workflow for That.

Once upon a time, our intrepid hero discovered Dropshare for Mac. Awestruck by the flexibility and independence it provided him, he promptly eschewed using services such as Cloudapp and Droplr (despite their greatness and coveted position in the King's court).

But as powerful and versatile as Dropshare was, it lacked a feature our hero envied, one essential for those times all he really needed was to quickly share an ephemeral file or screen-shot with a friend or foe — Time Sensitive shared links.

Workflow: Automation for Everyone.

There are a plethora of great Workflows for Workflow popping out of the woodwork. I haven't had a chance to check most of them out, but my good friend Phillip has taken it upon himself to improve upon some and introduce a few of his own. I just love ...

Send Workflow to Another Device With Pythonista & Command-C

Workflow, a powerful and intuitive automation app for iOS, recently made its debut on the App Store and rather than write a review of it (you can read Viticci's rather extensive review), I decided to spend a little time tackling the lack of Sync.

Black Friday Deals - 2014

It’s that time of year again when prices go down and great deals can be found. If you’ve been holding out for that special app or game, now may just be the best time to buy. As usual, there are a plethora of sources for getting the lowdown on great deals, so I won’t cover them all, only those I really like.

ChronoSync Black Friday Sale

The need for good, solid backups has already been discussed to death, so I’ll spare you that sermon for now. I will however mention that I’m a strong proponent for a multi tiered backup system and a bootable clone is integral part of said system. For the longest time, Carbon Copy Cloner was charged with that job, but recently, it has given way to ChronoSync.

Menubar Apps

I love peeking over other people's shoulders and getting a glimpse of the apps and tools they use. Likewise, one of my preferred sections in tech podcasts is when they talk about their favourite apps or little gems that make their life and work easier, more efficient or simply more fun.

Somewhat spurred by Andreas' post, I decided it was about time I return the favour and let others peak over my shoulder. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your next favourite gem.

Editorial Workflows - Send TaskPaper Tasks to Reminders

With the advent of Fantastical 2 for iPad, I thought it would be as good a time as any to write about these two little Editorial Workflows I have. As I've mentioned before, I'm using Reminders to keep track of my time sensitive tasks. If something needs to be done on a certain day at a certain time, then it'll find it's way to Reminders.

Back to Photography - Stormy Skies

Summary: One of my little hobbies — or passions if you will — is photography. Unfortunately, it's not one I pursue as often as I'd like. Inspiration strikes ever so randomly and much like a roller coaster, I have my ups and downs. Lately though, I've been feeling good ...

Understanding URL Encoding

Once again my good friend Phillip does a phenomenal job of explaining the intricacies of URL-encoding. He breaks it down in such a way that what once seemed complex now seems trivial. I urge you to read his post, your workflows will surely benefit from the knowledge gained.

Via: Philgr ...

QuickCursor With Sublime Text and Keyboard Maestro

I never really took to QuickCursor when it was around. For some reason it just didn't click with me. Recently however, I've been having a change of heart, all due to a new feature in MailMate. The feature I'm referring to is a command bundle that allows me to compose an email in my text editor of choice, namely Sublime Text 3. I've been enjoying having the power and flexibility of ST3 at my beck and call so much so, that I finally felt the irresistible urge to adopt this workflow globally.